Blogging: Digital Marketing Gold-Dust

This month, I will be doing something different to my usual For Your Business posts.

Here is the first in a series of small videos on the subject of blogging. I will of course be providing you with plenty of tips and advice on how to write really interesting, useful and inspiring blogposts - blogposts that will be useful to your audience, will generate traction and interest, and keep traffic streaming through your website and social media channels.

More than anything however, I want to explain how blogs can be part of an effective digital marketing strategy. How they are more than simply entertaining copy, rather they are a very effective way of achieving your core objectives and goals.

I hope to discuss interesting topics such as how blogs can help generate followers and leads - very important for start-ups, or businesses venturing into the digital sphere for the first time. How blogs can be an effective part of your SEO strategy. SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a complex and arcane craft, but it is no less essential because of this, and I will explain how blogposts can be used to increase your Google and other search engines' rankings. Towards the end, we will become a little philosophical and broach the big subject of branding! I will explain to you why I think blogging and blogposts can be an interesting and useful way of exploring and developing your BRAND!!

Find the maiden, introductory video below, and feel free to post comments, feedback and observations.

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